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Extreme RV Built From Garbage Truck?

by Fran Crawford
How would you like to travel about, touring the continent or the entire world in an RV that looks like it was made from a garbage truck? I'm pretty sure that when you went looking for your RV... be it a motorhome, fifth wheel or trailer... you were not trying to find one with a trash truck demeanor.

Or maybe you were. If you are the kind of person who likes extra attention, who thrives on catching the eye of those you pass by as you travel down the highway you just might be interested in a home on wheels created by UNICAT of Germany. It comes with everything you need for safe, comfortable traveling... anywhere. And, although built from the ground up as an extreme RV, some models somewhat resemble the husky, durable look of a garbage truck.

Someone asked Snopes if what they heard and saw pictures and could really be true. Was it a rumor or fact that someone had seen an RV that looked like a trash truck?

I was curious so I followed the Snopes link.

- Click Photos to Enlarge -

Thomas Ritter, founder of UNICAT, has a passion for technical perfection, a love of traveling, and a desire to go places not many folks have been, so he built his own all terrain, expedition vehicle a quarter of a century ago. Ritter was looking for the ability to go off-road with a high level of comfort and high standards of reliability in a go-anywhere RV.

Over the years the original design has morphed into various types of expedition vehicles (EVs) to suit prospective owners. Owners frequently trade up and UNICAT helps them resell the used vehicles to other adventure loving people. They also produce professional vehicles with very specific requirements with the same high standards of dependability, comfort and maximum utility including a quintessential disaster response vehicle.

For more information and photos click the UNICAT website.

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