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The 7-C's of Camping & RVing - Basic Rules

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Whether you are visiting a state campground or commercial RV park, the camping etiquette guidelines below are meant to enhance your Camping and RVing experience.

  • Care: Care how you camp by being considerate of your fellow campers or RVers and use campground manners.
  • Caution: Be cautious in the use of or camping equipment both on the road and at campsites. Improve your camping skills, knowing the right way is the safe way.
  • Courtesy: You are never so sensitive to others as when we are camping and that is why courtesy is so important. Practice politeness because it enhances the camping experience. Respect the privacy of others, control your children, leash and pick up after your dogs.
  • Cleanliness: Be clean in your camping habits and teach your children the importance of cleanliness. Pick up litter no matter who left it and be proud of the campsites you leave behind.
  • Cooperation: Observe the letter and spirit of camping regulations and the rules established to protect your enjoyment of the outdoors. Since camping at its best is sharing, work cooperatively with others to make it better for everyone.
  • Conservation: Protect the environment in which you enjoy camping and help those whose job it is to guard and wisely manage your country's natural resources. Leave a better outdoors for those who follow us.
  • Common Sense: Apply common sense to every situation knowing that reason, understanding and humor make camping better for you and others.

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