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Used RV Part and RV Salvage Yards for Motor Homes, Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheels

by Steven Fletcher
You need an RV sewer hose to connect the RV drain valve to the RV park's sewer line or dump station. Unless you use your RV only a few days a year I recommend you get a heavy duty hose. They cost just a little more but they're worth it. I've seen fellow RVers out wrapping duct tape around a leaky drain hose... always at the worst possible time if you know what I mean.

Most of the time you will need 10 feet of hose or less but if you travel enough you will find a time when you'll need more.

I carry a 6', one 10' and a 20' hose each set up with valve adaptors and sewer connectors. I also carry two hose connectors. By using the connectors to join hoses in different combinations I can get a length at least close to what I need without have a lot of extra hose snaking all over.

I also have a heavy duty hose about 4' long ( the piece remaining from cutting a 10' long hose to six feet ) with a hose adaptor on one end and the bayonet fitting on the other. This is my dump station hose. The hose adaptor fits down the sewer pipe and help prevent the hose from pulling out while dumping.

I use the red EZ threaded plastic couplings made by Valterra to make up my hoses.

RV sewer hose adaptor
Valve Adaptor
RV sewer hose adaptor
Sewer Connector
RV sewer hose adaptor
Hose Connector

Whenever the sewer pipe has a threaded end I like to use the sewer thread attachment in addition to the universal sewer connector. This assures a good leak proof connection. Some parks require their use.

I usually replace at least one of my hoses each year. Sometimes I'll buy a 20 footer and make up all new 4', 6' and 10' hoses since these get the most use.

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