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SwiftHitch Wireless Backup Camera Hitching Aid : Product Review - Part 1

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The folks a sent me a SwiftHitch model SH02 wireless backup camera system for review.

The SH02 is the deluxe system which includes: 10-Hour Run-Time Weather Resistant Camera, Hi-Resolution Color Display, Foam Lined Storage Case, Suction Cup Mount, 12 Volt Charger Cable and Video-out Cable.

Let's cover the individual parts of the system before I talk about the system as a whole.




SwiftHitch CameraThe camera body and magnetic mount are metal so they should stand up to years of outdoor use and occasional bumps and dings that will likely happen with products like this.

The magnet in the mount seems strong enough for the job but the mount itself is a little too slick which lets the base slide around while adjusting the the camera. I don't want to make a big deal over this but a firm, non-slip, base would be good.

My camera has a 10 hour battery (the SH01 has a 4 hour battery) which is overkill when using the system as a backing/hitching aid but I discuss later why this is a good thing.

The battery is built into the camera and and would require disassembly and soldering to replace. However, the folks at Swift Hitch do offer both repair and replacement services. They also said the camera battery last 3-4 years with normal use.

Video Receiver

SwiftHitch Video DisplayThe display housing is plastic but durable and should be fine since it will mostly be inside the tow vehicle or RV. The display itself, at 2.5 inches, is small but adequate for it's intended use. The resolution is 960x240. Again acceptable for the system's intended use. The receiver has a 4 hour battery life and uses a easily replaceable cellphone type battery.

The SH02 Accessories

Storage Case

SwiftHitch CaseThe storage case is a soft nylon material with a clear zippered top. It is foam lined with cutouts in the foam for the individual components.

Suction Cup Camera Mount

SwiftHitch Suction Cup MountThe mount is a sturdy metal with thee large suction cups for use on non-magnetic smooth surfaces.

Weather Guard

SwiftHitch Weather GuardMade of soft plastic and molded to fit over the end of the camera to make the camera weather resistant.

12 Volt Charger Cable

SwiftHitch Cahrging CableThe cable can charge both camera and receiver at the same time from one 12 volt power outlet. Charge time for the camera and receiver is 2.5 to 4 hours.

Video Out Cable

An RCA video jack on the end of the video cable will connect to the video in port on most monitors and recorders making it possible to attach the Swift Hitch receiver a larger video display. or TV.

Continue to next page of my review of the SwiftHitch hitching aid.

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