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The RV Book: A Newly Released Guide to Understandithe-rv-book.htmlng and Enjoying RVs

Wednesday January 5, 2006

RV Education 101, founded in 1999, announced the release of a new book, titled “The RV Book”. RV Education 101 produces professional RV training videos, DVD's and books on how to use and maintain the systems onboard a Recreation Vehicle (RV). Owner's Mark and Dawn Polk felt there was not enough emphasis placed on properly educating RV consumers on the complexities of owning and operating an RV.

Mark Polk, the author, said “I wrote The RV Book to help make the readers RV experiences safe, fun and stress free. We purchase RV’s so we can travel to new destinations, relax and build lasting memories with our family and friends. We want to get away from work, the phone calls and other day-to-day hassles. RV’s give us the freedom to go wherever we want, whenever we want. But, nothing will ruin a trip or a vacation quicker than not understanding how to properly use and maintain your RV. Buying an RV is a major investment and a new RVer can be overwhelmed when just starting out. What type of RV is right for me? How do I tow or drive an RV? How do I safely use an RV? How do I take care of my new RV? I have researched and gathered all of the information, into one place, to simplify the entire process of RV ownership for the RV consumer.”

The RV Book covers all types of RV’s from pop-ups to type A motorhomes and everything in between. Peggi McDonald, author of RV Living in the 21st Century, stated “After 20 years of fulltime RVing, I still discovered new information after reading The RV Book. Mark’s book is so well written and informative…he patiently explains each basic necessity that every RVer should be aware of to assure safe operation of their RV.”

Dawn Polk said, “This book is so informational and practical, especially for those new to RVing. RV owners and soon to be owners will thoroughly understand what a Recreation Vehicle is, how to buy it and once they own it, how to use it.”

For more information Click-> The RV Book

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