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A photo diary of a 343, 16,000+ mile RV trip is the third offering written by Jim Jaillet, who is also the author of Panama or Bust - A 343 day adventure in a motorhome! and Central America - The New RVing Frontier!

Jailllet says 'This book "CAPTURED IN MEXICO AND CENTRAL AMERICA! - A Photo Diary of a 343 day, 16,000+ mile RV Trip" has been floating around in my mind since the publication of my first book. I've selected 175 of my favorite photos from my 343 day, 16,000+ mile RV trip. There are 151 Chapters. Each Chapter is one 8.5 x 11 page with a photograph and associated dialog. Where space permits, some chapters have two photos. They are chronically correct, presented in the order they occurred. You will also find nine maps identifying our route and flags from all eight countries. This book presents our trip in a "like a rock skipping across a lake format". Touching down at unique locations without bogging you down with the 94,000 word edition of Panama or Bust - A 343 day adventure in a motorhome! Perfect for a light and easy visual ride on a "once in a lifetime experience!


"When I read your book, I felt like I'm the one, who did the traveling. Con todas las explicaciones, fotos, y detalles, Yo senti, como si you fui el que hizo ese precioso viaje."
Maria C. Gonzales (From Guatemala), E. Freetown, Massachusetts

"This book is a very interesting and captivating read. The author takes the reader on a journey to places
that few will ever have the opportunity to visit. Each page brings you to a new and interesting place.
Truly a remarkable journey and a remarkable book."
Virginia & James Palumbo, Wayne, NJ

"Great selection of images, from scenery through to social gatherings, overall Captured in Mexico and
Central America creates a breadth of honesty and reality rarely seen on the printed page."
Peter Hutchison, London, UK
Editor of Central America and Mexico Handbook (Footprint Handbooks)


Jim Jaillet has been an RVer for more than 40 years. He has been on the road living in his motorhome full-time since retiring at age 55 in 1995. He is also an avid historical reader. He hopes to be the first 100 year-old active RVer.

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