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The BIG 2007 recreation vehicle show in Canada

TORONTO, ONTARIO - The 2007 Spring Motor Home & Trailer Show, known to RV enthusiasts world-wide as "THE BIG ONE", starts Wednesday, February 28th at 10:00am at the giant International Centre, on Airport Road, just north of the main airport entrance. As of our last research data, about 70 per cent of all the people in Ontario still don't know what the letters RV stand for. An RV is a recreation vehicle - a motor home or a trailer.

This is the show that these people should attend - it's the show where novices learn about the safe and secure way to take the family on a holiday anywhere in North America and about the many affordable alternatives to owning a cottage or ski chalet.

First-time show attendees are always amazed that a recreation vehicle (an RV) can be an affordable retirement home, or it can mean owning a cost effective winter getaway to the South. In addition to focusing on a great selection of affordable, entry-level RV's, this show presents all the RV's on the market - from affordable folding trailers to luxurious highway coaches. At the 2007 Spring Motor Home & Trailer Show, there are no stairs to climb because all the displays are on one floor. They can even be seen from a wheelchair, if need be. Huge displays show off affordable folding trailers, larger travel trailers, fifth wheels, van conversions, slide-ins for use with a pick-up truck, all sizes of self-propelled motor homes, luxurious highway coaches, park model trailers, and what has become known as Cottage RV's.

Exhibitors also include accessories and parts stores, RV clubs and associations, RV resort operators, tour operators, leasing specialists, insurance specialists, and major banks. This Spring the show runs Wednesday, February 28th from 10:00am through Sunday, March 4th at 6:00pm, at the International Centre in Mississauga, on Airport Road, at Derry Rd. - just north of the main airport entrance. Admission costs are still to be announced; however, children are always admitted free with paid Adult admissions and, unlike most other show venues, the International Centre does not charge visitors for parking.

So the main question is: why are RV's becoming more popular every year? Most traditional vacation properties (cottages, ski chalets, etc.) have been priced right out of the reach of young families and working couples on a budget. Most retirement properties are now priced out of reach of many people who are contemplating early retirement.

But RV's are the logical alternatives. Affordable alternatives such as the Park Model trailers and the Cottage RV's that are part of the recreation vehicle family. These luxurious Cottage RV's are usually 30 feet or more in length and offer many of the same features and options of a Park Model Trailer. However, they are considerably wider - that's why they are often referred to as a "12-wide". Cottage RV's are built on a single chassis mounted on wheels, which may be stored by the owner or returned to the factory after the unit has been relocated. They really are built just like a small home, providing sleeping accommodations for 8 people or more, and are meant to be towed only occasionally to a new permanent location where the wheels are then removed and landscaping features are added. These are truly all-season homes that must be connected to local utilities such as Hydro and water after they are set up in their permanent location.

Every Cottage RV comes complete with sleeping, dining, cooking and bathroom facilities - like any other recreation vehicle - but they are also outfitted with additional appliances that make them suitable for long-term habitation. They can even be completely winterized for year-round use as a cottage or ski chalet with high-efficiency furnaces, heated tanks, upgraded insulation and double-glazed windows. The Cottage RV - it is the affordable alternative for Canadian families.

The Cottage RV is usually set up in an RV resort but can be moved whenever necessary - to change the view or to get away from annoying neighbours. Many RV resorts are located on lakes and offer a marina, a golf course, tennis courts, or horseback riding. Cottage comforts? You decide exactly what you need because everything your house has, your cottage RV can have - year-round.

Would you prefer to have a cottage in the Muskokas in the summer - and a winter getaway in Florida in the winter? Then the answer is a travel trailer or a fifth-wheel - and there are lots of them at the show.

Whoever said "you can't take it with you" obviously never looked into the advantages of a Cottage RV!

Another often-asked question for which an answer is found at this show: "Yes, I have thought about getting an RV - but where the heck do I keep it? I live in a condo!"

If someone lives in a condo or apartment and can't park an RV near their residence, this is the only show where they'll find the answer: RV parking - spacious paved spots with 24-hour video security for everyone! Condo owners, apartment dwellers, or suburbanites with restrictive by-laws - this is the answer! Park the Porsche in the space allotted and take off with the motorhome or trailer!
Almost every example of these affordable alternatives to a cottage or retirement condo can be seen at the 2007 Spring Motor Home & Trailer Show. Starting Wednesday, February 28th at 10AM through Sunday, March 4th at 6PM. For show details, visit the show website at

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