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Simple Inexpensive Fix for Incorrect Wastewater Level Readings in RV Holding Tanks

Practically all RVs that are sold these days are equipped with a monitor that provides all sorts of information. One just pushes a button to find out the status of the battery and the liquid levels in the fresh, black and gray holding tanks. The reliability of the information on levels in waste water tanks is very poor. Often it shows that the black and gray tanks are still full, even when the tanks are empty. How come? The reason is not a faulty monitor, but the malfunctioning of the probes in the wall of the wastewater tanks.

The answer Incorrect Level Readings in RV Holding Tanks

Horst Dynamics Inc. has developed new probes that permanently solves this nasty problem. No more driving around with ice cubes in the tank or the use of chemicals to temporarily solve this problem. By simply replacing the existing probes in the tanks with Horst Miracle Probes, the RVer will finally know when it is really time to dump.

Cause of the problem:
Horst RV holding tank probesNormally electrical communication between positive and negative connected probes occurs through the water/sludge when they are submerged. This turns on the LEDs to inform the RVer how high the level is in the black and gray tank and when it is time to dump. However, in WASTE water holding tanks the probes as well as the walls inside the tank get coated with sludge. This sludge becomes the new electrical conducting path when the tanks are empty. This turns the LEDs on indicating the tank is full, even when the tank is empty.

Horst Miracle Probes prevent this false information from happening by interrupting the electrical path between the metal probe point and the tank wall. The long stem part of the probe is covered with Teflon tubing which prevents the build up of sludge. Teflon is a very slippery material, nothing will adhere to it. Consequently, it self cleans, so the solution is a permanent one.

The new probes are easy to install, they fit in the same typical 3/8" diameter holes. The wiring and monitor all stays the same. Simply replace the probes. Horst Miracle Probes can be installed on all RVs that are built to RVIA, CSA and IAPMO standards.

No more guessing about when to dump. The Horst Miracle Probes will let the RVer know when it is time to do so. RVers can stay longer at their favorite campsite without having to worry about unwelcome surprises.

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