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Tips for Saving Money When Eating Out

Even though cooking meals in your RV is one of the best ways to save money, we all like to eat out once in a while. But there's no need to abondon the budget when you do. Here are a few tips for saving money when eating out on your RV trip.

  • Skip the Beverages
    I nstead of ordering a beverage ask water... request a lemon wedge if you want a little flavor.
  • Skip Desserts and Appetizers
    If you are really craving a desert, pick up a something less expensive on the drive home.
  • Order Appetizers or Side dishes instead of an Entree
    Sometimes portions are too big and you can end up paying for food I don't really want.
  • Split a Large entree and/or Dessert
    Again, most restaurants serve too much food and are happy to give customers an extra plate. Be sure to tip for two.
  • Use Discount Coupons
    Buy discounted gift certificates at Look for free restaurant coupons on national coupon Web sites like and Check the Web site of your city's local newspapers for local coupon sections. Check your newspaper circulars on Sundays for restaurant flyers and coupons.
  • Kids Eat Free Nights
    Restaurants often have Kids Eat Free or Family Nights. Some restaurants have kids eat free Monday thru Thursday.
  • Eat Early To Use The Lunch Menu
    Instead of eating dinner out, eat a late lunch. The dinner menu is always more expensive, even if it is the same menu as the lunch menu.
  • Plan On Leftovers
    Order a large pizza and take the rest home as leftovers for another meal. A larger size will only be a few dollars more but will proved a good lunch the next day.
  • Pay with a Credit Card
    Earn airline miles or cash rewards when you dine out at restaurants
  • Eat at Local, Ethnic Places
    Many Mexican and Asian restaurants offer great authentic food for very little money.
  • Dine at Restarunt that Don't Require a Tip
    Places like Panera, Chipotle, and Jason’s Deli serve good food at a decent price. Since they have counter service no tip is necessary.
  • Order Take Out
    No drinks and no tip.
  • Let Smaller Kids Share an Adult Meal
    Kids meals have become very expensive, by sharing an adult meal they usually are getting something slightly healthier (no nuggets and fries) and you might save a few dollars too.

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