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RVers Travel to Minor League Ballparks

You're only young once,
but you can be immature forever.

- Larry Andersen relief pitcher

By Guest Author, Bob Carson

The best way to travel by RV is to ramble.  Here is a great excuse to ramble.  Select baseball towns as your destination.  Each year, more and more RV travelers discover that towns and cities with low-level professional baseball are a perfect ticket to fun and adventure.

      Over 220 cities across the USA and Canada hosted a professional baseball team last season and many more are on the drawing board.  They range from large cities like Buffalo (Bisons), Albuquerque (Isotopes), and Sacramento (RiverCats) to small towns like Batavia NY (Muckdogs), Oren UT (Owlz), and the Sauget IL (Gateway Grizzlies).  The Grizzlies pitch and catch in a lovely little park just across the river from the Saint Louis Arch and claim the title of “The smallest town with a professional team.”

      The games are fun, economical and stress free.  The play on the field at every level is excellent (even the lowest professional baseball player is, after all, professional).  You will find boys of summer who have had a cup of coffee in Major League Baseball and are trying to return.  You will watch young men climbing the professional baseball ladder to fulfill their dreams and step onto a field with the Yankees and the Red Sox. 

     Even if baseball is not really your game, a minor league and independent professional baseball game offers non-stop entertainment with promotions and shenanigans between innings, a smorgasbord of gastronomic delights at the concession stand and friendly fans sharing warm evenings in the outdoors.

     Every baseball town is a diamond in the rough if you just dig deep enough.  A little pre-travel investigation and discussion at the ballpark will allow the traveler to unearth these gems.

    Grab your glove. Gas up the RV. Take a road trip through the baseball towns of America.

Bob Carson writes columns for Hoof Beats Magazine and Trot Magazine. He has pulled off the amazing feat of getting paid to travel to baseball games and racetracks, for information or subscription to Minor Trips -  an annual guidebook and newsletter that guides travelers through the wonderful world of independent league and minor League baseball, send an e-mail to Bob at  - minortrips@aol

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