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Making Reservations at RV Parks & Campgrounds - Check-In Checklist

by Fran Crawford

Generally those who travel by recreational vehicle are known to be friendly, helpful folks, but sometimes a travel weary RVer may seem rude and uncaring, causing inconvenience to others without even realizing he is doing it.

For example... RVers, John and his wife, got up early with the plan to cover a lot of miles that day. Late that afternoon, tired of coping with heavy traffic on the approach to their destination vicinity they decide to call it a day and find an RV park for the night. Without reservations they turn into a park that looks good to them. Although the entrance is narrow it is two lane. There is no other traffic in sight so they park their motorhome in the middle of the road and John heads into the office followed by his wife.

Ron, who had called the park for reservations the day before arrives and pulls his fifthwheel into one lane of the road but will not fit past the motorhome parked ahead. He goes to the office and because all he needs is his site assignment he finishes quickly and goes back to his rig. And waits.

John cannot find his credit card and needs to return to his motorhome to get his checkbook. Soon his wife follows to help him locate it. Whether or not John notices Ron’s rig waiting is unknown. He does not move his RV but returns to the office.

Ron and his wife had to sit and wait in their rig for quite some time before the office finally got the other guy squared away. After a very long day of driving, it would have been nice if this fellow would have had the courtesy to take up only one lane, so that other RVers could get around him.

Checklist for making RV park or campground reservations:

  • Review the campground or park’s website first
  • Have dates of arrival and departure
  • Know the size of your RV
  • What kind of site ...pull thru or back-in
  • Know your electical needs... do you need 50 amp service or can you get by on 30 amp
  • Will you want to use WiFi or in-office internet connection
  • Have your credit card number ready
  • Ask for check-in/check-out times
  • Ask about special directions to the park, the best way to approach and potential highway hazards on the way in.

Checklist for RV park or campground check-in:

  • Try to park so as to not interfere with other traffic going in or out during your check-in.
  • The whole family need not go in to register person can handle it.
  • Take your credit card, checkbook or cash and any discount cards in with you.
  • If you are early, before check-out time, don't get upset if your site isn't available.
  • Want to stay longer? Check with the office as soon as possible so they can try to accommodate you. But be aware that they may not be able to do so without moving you to another site ...if at all.
  • Ask about special rules for children, pets, use of facilities, etc.
  • Find out directions to the hospital if you have medical issues.
  • If you were given written information, read it. It should answer a lot of questions for you about the park and surrounding area.

Some information for this article was contributed by Dick Mankin and Ron Pounds. Members of the RV Basics eMail Discussion Group

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