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RV Insurance ... Do you have the coverage you need?

Knowing that you have the right kind of RV insurance and enough coverage is important for you as an owner of recreation vehicles. RV owners know that their vehicles must be insured but they also need to understand that their RV policy must have units of coverage that go beyond those of a regular automobile insurance.

RVs ...motorhomes, fifth wheels and trailers ...may come with additional equipment, towing connections, custom add-ons and other conveniences that are not a part of a basic auto insurance policy.

When you are in your RV it is essentially your home. It is most practical and effective if your automobile insurance has a home owners component and one policy will cover the vehicle that pulls your fifth wheel or trailer or the ‘towed’ you haul behind your motorhome as well as the RV.

Most insurance companies use the actual cash value, including depreciation, of your vehicle when they write a policy. Depending on its age replacement value is used for the RV.

Some options available are emergency vacation expense that will provide you with living costs if your vehicle becomes uninhabitable due to weather or an accident while you are over 150 miles from home. Lodging and food are included in this and sometimes transportation.

Vacationers as well as full timers need to be covered by liability insurance. This is actually a homeowners policy that covers personal liability and living expenses. Should someone slip and fall while on your campsite and is injured it is your liability.

Some states require personal injury coverage for medical costs up to the policy’s purchased amount.

Another option to add to your policy could be one covering personal effects. This would provide replacement costs for damage to personal contents in your RV.

Coverage for non-insured or under uninsured motorists will pay you in case of an accident will pay up to the policy amount what your auto insurance doesn’t pay if you need additional medical treatment.

Not all states have the same laws and regulations regarding insurance so it is always good to make sure you have coverage wherever you travel. Travel out of the country will require special attention to insurance needs. Internet research is helpful in finding the current facts of different states and countries.

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