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RV Camping At Corps of Engineers Lakes

by Guest Author: Jane Kenny
No matter where you do your RV camping in the U.S., there is a Corps of Engineers lake nearby. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which manages more than 12 million acres of land and water, provides over 30 percent of all recreation on federal lands. And, it is the largest provider of water-based recreation, with over 25 million individuals visiting a Corps project at least once a year.

Hundreds of attractive campgrounds have been developed by the Corps at its projects and they are popular destinations for RVers. Corps campgrounds generally feature wide and comfortable camping sites suitable for any size RV, even the modern big rig RVs with multiple slideouts.

RV camping at Corps of Engineers lakes is usually very affordable and such a good buy that most people plan to stay long enough to take advantage of all the recreational opportunities at the project and to visit places of interest in the area.

If you're an RVer who likes to go fishing the Corps of Engineers operates more than 2,500 recreation areas at 463 projects and most are lakes. Some of the best fishing spots in the country can be found at Corps of Engineers projects. Corps-managed campgrounds, noted for their tidy, spacious RV campsites and lovely lakeside settings, provide a great place for anglers to rest before and after fishing.

A new book, of interest to RVers looking for unique places to camp, RVers Guide To Corps of EngineersCampgrounds by Jane Kenny, lists over 600 campgrounds across the nation that have sites suitable for RV camping. The book is organized alphabetically by state, with a state locator map at the beginning of each section. The guide also features information about points of interest in the area, where applicable..

The RVers Guide To Corps of Engineers Campgrounds is from Roundabout Publications at 800-455-2207. The book is also available at

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