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Motor Home Enthusiasts Enjoy the Grand Canyon

By Guest Author: Andrew Stratton

The Grand Canyon is an American landmark that everyone has to see at least once in their lives. It is one of the most popular motor home destinations in the United States.

You can see a picture of the canyon and get an idea of how beautiful it is, but it is nothing like actually sitting on the canyon's edge and looking down.

The Grand Canyon is inspirational. When you look into its depths, the walls of rock chiseled over thousands of years lead you to contemplate how vast nature is. It is truly awe-inspiring.

You can watch the shadows creep along the buttes as the sun moves across the sky. It is a natural light show with changing colors.

The Grand Canyon has a south rim and a north rim. These two areas of the park are very different.

The south rim has more to do. There are lots of overlooks, hiking trails, museums, information centers, and lodging.

The north rim is somewhat more desolate, cooler and at a greater elevation.

Because the south rim is so popular, it is often crowded. During the summer months, you'll see tourists climbing over each other to get a look at the breathtaking view. If you want to avoid crowds, it's best to go during the off-season, in the winter or fall. Many prefer the north rim, where there are fewer people and you can enjoy the peace and quiet.

The most popular activity on this kind of trip is backcountry hiking. While you're hiking, you will see rock formations and views few have seen before. Hikes range from day trips to overnight backpacking adventures. Hiking here is very strenuous so be prepared.

It can also be dangerous. There are temperature extremes similar to the desert: very hot during the daytime and very cold at night. This is desert hiking at its most extreme; bring plenty of water and food. You also have to know when to take a rest. Before setting off on a backcountry hike, make sure that you are fully prepared, and it can be a wonderful adventure.

Getting a spot at one of the popular campsites during the summer tourist season can be a challenge. Wherever you plan to stay, you should make reservations in advance if possible. If space is important, you might try sites a little ways away from the bustle.

North Rim Campground

At the North Rim Campground, you can be right on the north rim, just minutes away from some wonderful hiking. The North Rim Campground has no hookups and very limited services. However, this site is as close as you're going to get.

The North Rim Campground fills up quickly because of its prime location, so it's a good idea to book your stay well in advance. They take reservations as early as five months ahead.

Demotte Campground

For a little more luxury, try the Demotte Campground, about 15 miles from the north rim. They allow small RVs, but there are no hookups. There is a convenience store, restaurant and flushing toilets. You can also be close to hiking trails and horseback riding activities.

The Demotte Campground doesn't take reservations, and it fills up fast. It can be a gamble. But, it's well worth it because the high elevation of the campground ensures that you'll have nice cool sleeping weather.

Desert View Campground

Desert View is located on the south rim, and named after one of the south rim's most famous lookout points. It's 25 miles from the canyon, and operates from May until October. There are no hookups for your motor home, but the low nightly charge and proximity to the canyon make it well worth it. They don't take reservations.

The Grand Canyon KOA

If you want to spoil yourself a little, why not try the Grand Canyon KOA? It's actually a ways away, just north of Williams, Arizona. But it is a comfortable and not that far away, and features fun amenities like barbecues and an indoor pool.

The Grand Canyon is truly one of the wonders of the world, and it makes for a great motor home holiday.

One of America's greatest natural wonders is The Grand Canyon. The area caters to motor homes and RVs so you can motor in and feel right at home. Bankston Motor Homes can set you on the path to your Grand Canyon adventure.

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