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Michigan Campground is Saving Family Camping Vacations with RV Storage and YouTube

Mackinaw City, MI July 1, 2008 -- Turning to YouTube, a family operated northern Michigan campground is making a bid to save threatened summer vacations for RV owners whose wallets have been hit hard by soaring gas prices.

Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping located in Mackinaw City, Michigan, is offering one dollar per day RV storage. This allows RV owners to leave their gas guzzling vehicles or travel trailers parked in one of the nations most popular vacation hotspots - Mackinac. RV owners can then travel to and from the waterfront campground resort whenever they want without having to drive and/or tow anything with them.

Frank Rogala, one of the brothers operating Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping, is calling for other businesses, communities and state agencies to make similar arrangements for RV owners. Rogala wants them to arrange for the safe storage of large RV's near vacation areas. "This needs to be done now, so that family vacations can be salvaged, before summer is over. I see this as urgent. Vacations are as American as apple pie," explained Rogala.

"Americans work hard and in these parts of the country there are only a few months of nice weather when families gather and take vacations. We've seen a sharp downturn in the number of people traveling and camping and it's a sad thing. This is something that with a little bit of planning and coordination - doesn't have to happen," explained Rogala. "We don't have to let the Grinch steal summer!" enthused Rogala.

Michigan State Parks have recently begun offering a limited number of spaces for RV storage for 15 days at a time. "I am glad to see them starting to act on this, but it is only a start," Rogala explained.

"We offer RV storage 365 days a year so that our campers don't have to watch the calendar and worry about what day a RV has to be moved. We have over 30 years experience in RV and trailer storage," said Rogala, "so this isn't an experiment. The only thing new about our RV storage, is how much more money it can save RV owners," explained Rogala.

"Unfortunately, most State Parks only have limited space for RV storage, if any. The State Parks have limited space; they can only offer storage for a few RV's at a time, they can't do it all. Fortunately, we have hundreds of acres and as of yet no shortage of space," Rogala continued. "Along with saving you hundreds of dollars in gas, by leaving your RV or trailer with us it gets it out of your yard or a storage facility. If you are paying for storage, I doubt you will find anywhere that is more reasonable than the dollar per day we charge."

The dollar a day RV storage offer is featured on the campground's new reality-based Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping Show Channel on YouTube TV. Along with exposing the gas saving storage offer, the show features a fascinating look at the behind the scenes operation of this family-run campground (episode one and two detail the history and construction of the campground by the Rogala family). To view all of the shows go to:

Located within a short distance of dozens of world class attractions including Mackinac Island, Mackinac Historic Parks, the Mackinac Bridge, the Soo Locks, Tahquamenon Falls, Whitefish Point, Michigan's Upper Peninsula, casinos, boating and fishing on the 32.7 mile Inland Waterway between Lake Huron and Lake Michigan, and much, much more, the campground has received many honors and was named as one of the top family-friendly campgrounds in Michigan by the Detroit News, Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping. As one of the largest family-owned and operated campgrounds in the United States, the resort boasts over 1 mile of shoreline viewing the Straits of Mackinac, the Mackinac Bridge, Mackinaw City and Mackinac Island as well as Great Lakes freighters, Round Island and Bois Blanc Island. Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping has recently acquired the 18 hole, 310 acre Mackinaw Club golf course and offers discounts and Stay and Play golf packages to its guests. The camp also features lakefront cabin rentals.

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