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Full Time RVing & Homeschooling Children

By Guest Author: Paula Risler
We have two boys, 10 and 12 and have been on the road 6 weeks and probably will be out here another 6 months or so. We all LOVE it on the road! The kids have no interest in going home even though they have friends and beloved pets still there. There is just something special about living in close quarters...there is a sweet bonding that we have never had before. You have to work all those little things out for the better of each other and so we re all "giving" more than "taking".

We have always homeschooled so nothing is different there.

We have met children along the way and the kids have had fun riding bikes and skate boards with them. The only "trouble" we had was at a local skate park where the kids were a bit too tough for our comfort, but even then, the kids had a good time, I just didn't like the language I was hearing.

We will be settling for 6 months in the San Antonio area for my husband's work but even then we will try to move every month, just to keep things fresh and fun.

I don't think you will regret this decision to travel but always have a "back up" plan in mind just in case. If your boys begin to struggle you might want to settle in one place for awhile but as long as they are having fun, learning and hanging with their mom and dad, all the learning and moving is a blast! We have a home we love in Florida but we are all four content to be out here for now.

I would definitely recommend homeschooling and then filling in the social stuff with local activities. I promise, at your boys' age, it is all self learning and a breeze for mom and dad and you can not beat getting school done in a couple hours a day versus spending all day in a building!! Think of all the extra hours a day your boys can focus on learning and doing those things that excite them.

Paula Risler chronicles her RV lifestyle on her blog at

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