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Canadians Better Off RV Shopping Domestically

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Cross border shopping not necessarily a money saver for Canadians

OTTAWA, Sept. 15 2008/ - With the rise of the Canadian dollar over the past year, some Canadians have been quick to assume that buying all goods in the United States will save them money. However, when buying an RV, it can in fact be more expensive and troublesome to buy from a dealer located across the border.

According to Canadian RV dealers, the strength of the Canadian dollar over many months has enabled them to have more buying power when purchasing from manufacturers. This means that Canadian RV dealers are often able to offer the same prices as U.S. dealers can.

"It's a myth that everything is cheaper in the U.S.," said Go RVing Canada Spokesperson Catherine Fortin LeFaivre. "And in fact, when considering all of the hassle and the costs associated with bringing a vehicle across the border, most Canadians are better off purchasing their RV at their local Canadian RV dealership."

Factors to consider that might make an RV cross border shopping experience more expensive and troublesome than previously assumed include:

  • Numerous brokerage and duty fees associated with importing a vehicle
  • into Canada
  • Travel costs (hotel, gas, food) associated with traveling a longer
  • distance to shop and buy the unit
  • The cost of the difference of the exchange rate (if the Canadian dollar
    is not exactly at par)
  • Lengthy vehicle importation paperwork required by Canada Border Agency
    and Transport Canada
  • Temporary licensing requirement to bring the vehicle home
  • Costs and work of converting an RV to comply with numerous Canadian standards (which differ from U.S. standards) within a limited time period
  • Extra service costs for warranty repairs
  • The unavailability of financing at some U.S. dealership due to Canadian residency/ citizenship
  • Insurance and registration complications

"It's important to be able to maintain a relationship with your local RV dealer so that he or she can offer you advice and assistance about your RV for many years to come," said Fortin LeFaivre. "When buying from a U.S. dealer, it makes it very difficult and costly for the customer to just pop in and ask for help."

Before assuming that cross border will save a Canadian consumer money, Go RVing Canada recommends checking with local Canadian RV dealers to see if a similar price to that of the U.S. dealer can be offered and to examine the advantages of local service.

"Buying from a Canadian RV dealer can often times save you time, hassle, and money," said Fortin LeFaivre. For more information on RVing and to find a local RV dealer, please visit

The Go RVing coalition was formed in 1997, and consists of RV manufacturers, RV dealers and campground operators. The coalition serves as the Canadian RV camping industry ambassador to provide the public and media with information about the benefits of RV travel. The coalition also seeks to enhance consumer information and satisfaction with the RV experience.

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