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Some Angel's Are Happy Campers With Wheels

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By Guest Author: Paul J Kendzor

In a typical day, ever notice the number of motor homes that we pass while driving on a busy highway? Did you ever sit back and ask yourself, "Where are they all going"?

For about eighty RVers, spread across the USA, it's a rewarding day trip combined with a mission of hope. They are from all walks of life and each one with a personal story on how they got involved with a new national non-profit charity called Angel Bus.

Angel Bus consists of RV owners who volunteer their time, motor home, and fuel to provide free, non-emergency, comfortable ground transportation to financially stressed people seeking specialized medical treatment at a distant facility.

It's not a full time job but the RVers actually feel lucky if they are called on, or have the opportunity more than once a year. The personal satisfaction and great feeling from helping out just once can last a lifetime.

Referred to as missions these short trips normally average around a hundred miles one-way and amount to a rewarding day. Longer distances are accomplished by a relay of drivers and coaches. Often times we can plan to drop off the family at a hospital and continue on to a destination of their choice.

Mercy Medical Airlift a 30-year-old 501(C) (3) four star rated non-profit charity took over Angel Bus, after it's founder Bill Conner passed away. Mercy Medical screens all drivers and patients and sets up the no cost missions nationwide.

The goal of Angel Bus is two-fold:

  1. To inform doctors, hospitals, veterans, civic organizations and the general public that we are in place and ready to help.
  2. To recruit motor home owners nationwide and assist in forming local social organizations similar to the newly formed FMCA Friends Of Angel Bus Chapter

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