Jim's Cooking Philosophy

When you leave the basic security of a home with its large kitchen, equipped with countless
electrical gadgets, and condense your life into the compact galley of an RV, you must also alter your thinking to match the limitations of both space and facilities.

This will need to include changes in both your cooking and eating habits.

Along with the changes in both scenery and lifestyle, trying new and different foods will make life and the experience more exciting.

Over the years, Jim has come up with three basic rules for cooking in an RV.
Rule #1: Never cook anything which takes longer to prepare than it does to eat.
Rule #2: The fewer pots you use, the fewer you have to wash.
Rule #3: No cosine de todo vaca por un taco. (Don't cook the whole cow for one

Traveling, camping or living in an RV is supposed to be fun for everyone, including the cook.

There are just too many other things to do for someone to spend long hours over a hot stove.

Jim makes the recipes in this book easy to follow, quick to prepare and interesting enough to prevent boredom.

He also uses items which are the most likely to be found in the average RV because there will be many times when a trip to the grocery store could prove to be very difficult.

Most of the recipes are for four people but can be expanded or reduced to suit you.

Cowboy Cooking For RVers

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Cowboy Recipes Adapted for the RV Lifestyle

Jim Foreman is a well-known and popular member of several RV email groups and forums so you may already know that he loves to cook cowboy style.

As an avid RVer, Jim found that his cowboy recipes and style of cooking adapted well to the confines of his RV kitchen.

Jim's Cook Book isn't a Mexican or even a Tex-Mex cookbook, but many of the recipes are based on favorites of that region. This comes from having spent most of his life in the southwest as well as many pleasant winters camped along the beaches of Baja.

The main thing Jim tries to get across in his book is: Have fun, enjoy life and Mucho Gusto.

Cowboy Cooking for RVers is 64 pages of great tasting recipes and stories from the road.

Watch a video of Jim making Cowboy Biscuits!

Okay, we know what you're thinking... Newspaper? Jim says the best thing about cowboy cooking is you can do it your way. Use parchment, waxpaper, aluminum foil or whatever, You can even use a bowl but remember a bowl is just one more thing you have to wash!

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