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RV Boondocking at the EAA AirVenture Air Show in Oshkosh

This article was compiled from an exchange of emails between members of the RVbasics Discussion Group regarding staying in an RV motorhome, travel tavel trailer or fifth wheel while attending the air show.

What's the story with taking a motorhome to Oshkosh for the EAA AirVenture? Were you able to boondock in the RV near the air show? How close could you park to the activity?

Yes, taking your motorhome is a great way to see the event!

If you are a member of EAA (like $40 ? a year) you can boondock your RV at Camp Scholler along with several thousand of your closest friends!

We didn't make it this last year, but 3 years running before. It costs $18 a day for camping. If I remember correctly you pay for the duration of the event, but can get refunds if you leave early. While there are sites up close to the entry gates, you have to get there very early, like a couple of weeks maybe to get those. So we usually ended up out in the large field.

There are shower houses situated around the area with a dump area at the south (?) entrance. You can get water and dump service at your site for a fee (?), but easy enough to visit the dump site if needed. While I didn't need it I'm pretty sure there was potable water there also.

A lot of folks bring bikes, or whatever to get around the camping area and itself. Walking is not a bad option usually if you want. Or you can catch a ride on one of the many school busses they press into service to get back and forth to the camping area.

Once you are on the grounds they have tractor powered shuttles to move you up and down the flight line.

Unless you arrive very, very, very early you will be a ways from the entrance to the flight line, but the event is very well organized, transportation usually works quite well, and while it may take a day or so to realize what it is that doesn't seem right ... it is a very clean event. Folks pick up after themselves (dumpsters and porta-potties) at the ends of each "street" as well as on the airport side ... these are serviced every day by the way.

Besides the flying activity during the day, a 2 hour air show ... every afternoon for a week!!

It's a great experience and boondocking in my opinion is the way to go, whether it be a popup or a large Class A. Tents of which there are many can be problematic, as there is usually at least one good thunderstorm during the week. :)

All in all a great way to go, and actually a relatively inexpensive vacation once you are there ...

Yes, go and enjoy! There is more to see than you can do in a week!

RV Boondocking is a great way to see the Experimental Aircraft Association Airventure fly-in. Get Details on RV camping at Camp Scholler

One thing among many to note about Camp Scholler, though, is electric and water hookups are not available - it's all boondocking. Another is that pets are limited to two, and they are not allowed onto the airport grounds, so they will have to stay in your RV.

Camp Scholler is right next to the Oshkosh airport...turn right out of Camp Scholler, and you can go down to the gate leading to the Ultralight aircraft exhibit and runway; turn left and you go to the main gate leading into Aeroshell square - where the really unique and special aircraft are on exhibit.

One year we went to a RV Campground nearby - the campground ran a periodic shuttle bus to AirVenture. But on the whole, I think I'd prefer Camp cut down on the commute time, and to make unscheduled going to/from our RV easy. It would have also allowed me to attend the evening programs after the shuttle stopped running.

More about EAA AirVenture...

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