Monday, January 19, 2009

RV Rental Company Sends Motor Homes to DC
After hours of spraying and wiping and rinsing, 8 motor homes at AJ's RV Rentals are ready to hit the highway to take a front row seat in President-Elect Barack Obama's inauguration parade. AJ's worker Amanda Rhoads was happy to help make the arrangements.

"They are going to be placed along the parade route for emergency shelters for anybody who needs to warm up because its going to be super cold," she said.

The US Department of Health is paying for the company to deliver the vehicles and pick them up Wednesday.

"When you have a business, it's advertising. We have our name on the sides of the RV's. I don't know how long the parade route is, but theres going to be 8 of them at various stops," Rhoads said.

Washington DC looked to Harrisburg for the vehicles because there are few RV rental companies in the region.

'There's a ton of RV dealers who sell them but there are very few people especially in the surrounding area who rent them," Rhoads said.

The opportunity makes all of the scrubbing worth it, because now the whole company can shine.
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