Friday, January 02, 2009

Prescott National Forest fees increase

PRESCOTT AZ - Prescott National Forest officials are increasing day-use and campground fees throughout the 1.2 million-acre forest.

The increases affect 28 recreation sites including 13 campgrounds, 13 day-use sites and two off-highway vehicle areas.

Day-use fees at popular sites have increased from $2 to $5. Fees at OHV sites are rising from $3 to $5.

Campground fees generally were $6 to $10 per night, and now most will cost $10 to $18, with a new $5 fee for the second vehicle. Group campground fee rentals will increase from $25-$100 to $75-$150, depending on the group size.

The Forest Service is eliminating fees at two current sites, Powell Springs Campground ($6) and Ranch Trailhead #62 ($2).

Frequent users get a break, because annual day-use passes good at all day-use sites on the Prescott National Forest will remain at $40. The fee to add a second vehicle sticker rises from $5 to $10.

Season passes on the forest that are good for four months out of the year also remain the same, at $20.

Campers also get a new deal. People who already paid camping fees get free access to all day-use sites across the forest.
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