Thursday, January 29, 2009

Campground Under Aattack from Environmentalists

DILLON BEACH – From the deck of their 56-year-old baby blue trailer, Joe and Linda Downing of Sacramento enjoy a million-dollar view of Tomales Bay.

The couple have owned their trailer at the Lawson's Landing camping and RV park in Marin County for 35 years. More than half of their neighbors are also from Sacramento.

For generations, Lawson's Landing has functioned as an affordable coastal annex for capital families to come and fish, catch crabs, dig for clams and dive for abalone.

Whether that continues is an open question.

In May, the California Coastal Commission could decide whether the trailer park and adjacent campground can remain, and what the owners must do to comply with the Coastal Protection Act approved by voters in 1972.
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