Thursday, August 18, 2005

A big man in a small Motorhome

Outside of his relatively tiny motorhome abode, there were motorhomes the size and swell of adult sperm whales, while he sat in a camper that looked more like whale bait.

Walter Fischer, 82, of Champaign, Ill., was attending the Family Motor Coach Association's international convention in Minot, ND on Tuesday in his motorhome that's all of 19 feet in length, compared to his neighbors' 40-and-more-footers. But he didn't care.

"We have everything they do except it's all pushed together,"he said.

Their home seemed to be the tiniest around in this rally of more than 3,000 motorhomes. But it did seem that the small ones, birds of a feather, did seem to park together. On their parking row at the state fairgrounds, there were a couple more motorhomes in a cluster - in the 20-some-foot range - that were noticeably smaller than their looming neighbors in the next row. Full Story...

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